Legal Services

Party Walls

FinleyHarrison, being based in the City of London, have been acting upon party wall matters since the practice was established and continue to do so. We are well qualified and have in-depth experience to advise building and/or adjoining owners of commercial and residential properties of their liabilities and rights bestowed on them by the Act throughout the country. The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 extended the principles of the previous London Building Acts to encompass the whole of England and Wales.


FinleyHarrison have extensive knowledge and experience of Landlord and Tenant legislation. We are regularly instructed to represent landlords and tenants in respect of either preparing or defending interim or terminal schedules of dilapidation. This includes representation of clients at mediation and giving evidence in court to achieve commercial settlements of claims made or defended.

Expert Witness

FinleyHarrison are qualified and experienced to act as an expert witness appointed by individual clients or the court on matters including building defects, contactual disputes, boundary disputes and landlord & tenant disputes.