FinleyHarrison have been involved with a great variety of construction projects from simple minor works to complex building contracts. The value of works range from a few thousand pounds to more than £5 million. The professional involvement, depending of the nature of the work, has been in the role of project managers, contract administrators, development monitors and/or cost consultants. We can provide architectural services both in-house or with associated architects and designers.

We have many years of experience in overseeing the renovation of historic buildings. In addition we have undertaken works on occupied buildings, co-ordinating the work to minimise disruption to the occupants.

We are pro-active in establishing planned maintenance programmes, tailored to suit individual requirements and prevent unnecessary deterioration of buildings.

We can produce maintenance plans to assist freeholders’ cash flow and reduce the long leaseholder’s financial burden, where they may be obliged to contribute to the cost of the works.

In addition to the above services, FinleyHarrison is able to provide measured surveys of both sites and existing buildings to prepare drawings for planning applications, building lease plans, design purposes and regulation approval.